Anderson’s Never Say Die


Undoubtedly, if you grew up in the 80’s you spent some time in the Goondocks. I didn’t discover this cult classic until I was in my 20’s, but fell in love with it just the same. So, when we planned our trip to Portland this past summer, we made sure to plan a Goonies road trip along with it.

The first stop on our Goonies tour was about an hour and a half from Portland, to a little coastal town called Canon Beach. Now if you remember from the movie, Canon Beach is the setting for the big car race where the antagonists lose the police. The walk up to the beach is just a beautiful as the beach itself. You ascend a grass covered sand dune and as you reach the top the beach is laid out before you. The 235 foot monolith, Haystack Rock, is there watching you as you make your way down. The beach is extremely wide, which means that even on a busy day, you’ll have plenty of beach to yourself. 

Nerd alert! Yes, I did buy a superman t-shirt and the map and skeleton key for this trip.

Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon
Goonies map at Canon Beach, Oregon
Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon.

The town of Canon Beach is very touristy, but it is very clean and well kept. The residents there take a lot of pride in their homes. After walking the beach, we grabbed a bite to eat at Pelican Brewing. Anytime we are near the coast we have to try the fish, and it did not disappoint. Their fish and chips and fish tacos were amazing.

Pelican Brewing, Canon Beach, Oregon.
Fish Tacos, Pelican Brewing, Canon Beach, Oregon.
Pelican’s Famous Fish & Chips, Pelican Brewing, Canon Beach, Oregon.

After lunch, we continued our drive up the coast to Astoria. The small town where it all takes place. The evil developers plotting to build a golf course and a group of rag tag kids who take it upon themselves to do what their parents can’t!

The jailhouse in the opening scene of the movie still stands and is now home to the Oregon Film Museum. Half the museum is dedicated to the Goonies while the other half celebrates other movies that have been filmed in the state. It also boasts a small film studio where you can create your own movie!

Oregon Film Museum, Astoria, Oregon.
The Fratelli’s jeep.
Complete with bullet holes!
IMG_3022 copy
Make your own movie. Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Movie set inside the Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.


The museum is pretty great. You can hang yourself in the same stall Jake Fratelli did, take a mugshot and see tons of Goonies movie memorabilia. The famous Goonies house can also be found in Astoria, but is now a private residence and the owner is not fond of visitors taking photos. So, as much as I wanted to do the truffle shuffle in front of the house, we decided to respect their privacy.

Jake Fratelli’s Jail Cell, Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.


Mug Shot at Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Mug Shot at Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Data’s Costume, Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.
Twins! Me and Sloth, Oregon Movie Museum, Astoria.

After we got our Goonies fix, we headed over to Buoy Beer Co. The brewery is right on the docks and has an amazing view from their bar. They also have a window in the floor where you can sometimes see seals resting. A fitting end to a fun day.

Bar View at Buoy Beer Co., Astoria, Oregon.
Flights come on a Buoy!

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