Jamaica’s Hidden Paradise

Pulling into the parking lot, it didn’t look like much. In fact we were kind of wondering what the hell we’d gotten ourselves into. Walking down a rough gravel path, the jungle opened up and we found it. Paradise! Aqua blue-green fresh water, lush greenery and a gorgeous waterfall garnishing the delicious scene in front of us.


The Blue Hole is not your typical tourist attraction. In fact there’s really no commercialization at all. The paths are rough and precariously covered with tree roots. Although the guides are all excellent swimmers, there are no official lifeguards on duty. Water shoes are a must, since you will be climbing and walking over slippery rocks. It’s not handicapped accessible or appropriate for small children. There’s no charge for entering the Blue Hole, the guides work for tips.

Every group that came out had two guides; one main guide and the other to take pictures. We were going to leave our phones in our taxi but our second guide offered to take pictures for us. It was amazing! He took great pictures and even some videos for us. Watching him swim across one handed with the other hand in the air holding 3 cell phones was pretty incredible.

There were many different areas where we could jump off rocks into the cool blue waters. Most were around 6-10 foot jumps, but for the really adventurous there was the option for a 25 foot jump. My favorite part of the Blue Hole experience was scaling the waterfall. It was so amazing. They have a rope set up to assist you with the descent and when you’re about 10 feet from the bottom, they have you jump off.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
Blue Hole Waterfall, Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the kindest, most welcoming people we have ever met. The only reason we even found out about this place was because we were talking with the locals! Which, if you’ve ever read our post “6 Things We’ve Learned While Traveling“, you’ll know that talking with the locals is always a great idea!


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