Ultimate Lake Superior Road Trip 3

Day 3: South Shore Lake Superior

For the last day of our northern adventure, we are heading along the south shore of Lake Superior which takes us into Northern Wisconsin. The shores along Wisconsin are not the rugged, rocky shores we saw along the North Shore in Minnesota, these shores are much softer and sandy.

Amnicon Falls State Park

From Duluth, we headed east towards Wisconsin and traveled along US-53 to our first stop, Amnicon Falls State Park. The park was created by earthquakes and glaciers which you can read about here. The 55 foot Horton covered bridge, the most recognizable structure in the park, traverses the river at the lower falls and creates some beautiful photo ops. Like the other parks we’ve visited, the Amnicon offers camping and hiking for its visitors. We hiked along the river, where we saw signs of the parks furry residents and heard many of the local birds singing in the trees.

Our son enjoyed climbing on everything and playing in the small pools that formed along the riverbanks from the previous nights rains.


Once we left Amnicon, we traveled along State Highway 13, which stays close to the shores of Lake Superior, to Bayfield, WI. The views along this highway should not be missed and neither should Bayfield. Bayfield is a picturesque town, that looks as if it was designed especially for a Hallmark movie.

IMG_4463 copy
The view of Bayfield from the docks.
IMG_4456 copy
Main street Bayfield.

Downtown Bayfield is filled with local restaurants, ice cream shops and candy shops. It’s quite possibly the most adorable little town, we’ve ever been in. Do you love taffy? There’s a candy store with an entire wall filled with bins of taffy in every flavor you could possibly think of; and you can watch them make it too!



Taking home a big bag of taffy is a great way to end your 3-day road trip around Lake Superior.

A few tips before you embark on this journey.

  • Dress in layers. Lake Superior has a strange effect on the surrounding weather. The locals call it the “lake effect”. It may be warm enough for shorts and t-shirts when you leave, but a few miles into your trip it’s cool enough for jackets.
  • Bring water. If you plan on hiking in any of the parks, make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Batteries. There are a ton of photo ops throughout this entire trip. Make sure you have extra camera batteries or have your phone completely charged, since you may not find a place to charge them along the way.
  • Gas station fish. Buy the fish! I wouldn’t normally encourage others to buy gas station fish, but in this case it’s absolutely worth it. Fish are caught and smoked daily in the area, and since most towns cannot support their own grocery stores, the smoked fish is sold at the gas station. I highly recommend the salmon!


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