Ultimate Lake Superior Road Trip Guide

If you’ve never been along the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota or Northern Wisconsin, we can’t even begin to explain the beautiful wilderness you’re missing out on. We mean, we’ll do our best to explain it, but you really need to get up there and experience it for yourself. Since we can’t possibly fit everything we want you to know in one single post, we will be dividing it into a 3-day road trip.

Day 1: Duluth

This amazing journey will begin in the port city of Duluth. Head down to Canal Park, see the lift bridge and watch the ships come in. It’s pretty amazing to see how little clearance some of those ships have coming through the canal! The Aerial Lift Bridge (built 1901-1905), which spans the Duluth ship canal, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s only one other bridge in the world that is similar to the bridge and its in Rouen, France.

A large ship sailing under the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN.

While you’re waiting for the ships to come in, check out the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center. It’s free and houses a great museum. Check out http://www.lsmma.com for more information.

Our son admiring a map in the Superior Maritime Visitors Center museum..

The Canal Park area boasts many shops, restaurants and some micro breweries. There are horse drawn carriage rides or you can rent bikes to ride along the canal. The kids will love the candy and ice cream shops!

When you’ve had your fill of shopping head over the William A. Irvin Museum. The SS William A. Irvin is a 610 foot ship, which was used to carry iron ore and coal to ports on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Check out their website for times and fees http://decc.org/william-a-irvin.


From the cargo hold to the luxury cabins used to carry dignitaries across the lakes, you’ll get an in depth glimpse into the life of the sailors and officers that served her and their distinguished guests. Standing on the bridge, you get to feel what it’s like to be the captain, plus the kids will get a kick out of the technology used to navigate and send messages on the ship back then.

In our next post we’ll be heading up the North Shore. See you soon!

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